Welcome to our garden

We are located in the sunny Cowichan Valley,
about 45 minutes north of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

We have a Mediterranean climate with wet winters and very dry summers. We try to grow
as many drought tolerant plants as possible but still need to water in mid summer when
there is often no rain for weeks at a time. Our Zone 8 climate allows us to grow a wide range
of perennials.

Our garden was formerly Kilmalu Farms Daylily Nursery and while the variety of daylilies has
been greatly reduced since then, we do still grow over a hundred different cultivars. Our focus
is on the tall UF (Unusual Form) varieties. The daylilies generally reach their peak bloom in mid
July when the garden becomes a kaleidescope of colour. Our other passion is ornamental
grasses which are the highlight of the garden in the fall.


Kilmalu garden